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Honour Code

Private Law Trusts Sovereign Mentorship Philosophy


You who are about to be mentored agree to learn the systems Private Law Trusts teaches, and will apply them in the proven method we have proven to work in fact over the last 14 years. You will learn what the words we use mean in how WE mean them. This is NOW not the past, and this is primarily to learn how to monetize your freedom.

We are not bound to any contract or meaning of any words, other than our own. We are our own law, as you will be also. Once you have actually done what we teach, if you wish to change or update it, feel free. We will not be involved in that process. We are here to help freedom hit critical mass and generate enough wealth to give the support needed in reality. We will not engage in philosophical debate, or meaning of words, context, other than what WE mean them to be, for the results we intent and accomplish within our teaching system.

If you use our system, if we coach you, and you form your own society, you owe us the agreed upon membership and mentorship amount, for as long as you operate a sovereign society as well as the 10% royalty on all wealth you create, in perpetuity, indefinitely. If you do not adhere to our philosophies, prior to signing your mentorship agreement, you have the right to cease interacting with us, and not use our materials, networks, time, or energy. You must also then delete any and all intellectual property of Private Law Trusts/Peace Maker Society.

Private Law Trust - Social Contract - Fealty - Rules/Order/Honour Code - Freedoms - Philosophy - Unalienable Birth Rights - Law - Sacredness - Obligation - What’s Right

I show you my helping hands and pledge my fealty. I will serve and be of service. This contract outlines the Commerce/Soul Contract of your relationship with freedom and the creator. If not honoured this membership will be deconsecrated and member excommunicated. This is a path of destiny and freedom and rights, how to manifest them as destiny. You must understand the legal system is a corporate slavery matrix.

This social contract replaces the old matrix, and ushers in universal freedom. It replaces the toxic which taints your love, habits, self, community, and family. Those who don't claim freedom, rights, peace, bring and allow war into all they are and do. The legal slavery system, they wheel and deal as they play with our lives and strip rights. We will bring balance and justice back to law, politics, and legal system. There are no enemies to fight, just goals and perspectives to obtain in yourself to mold yourself and in turn shape and mold others, manifest freedom globally.


Like Torn Paine in 1776, common sense hence forth, the new testament of the revolution and in the spirit of the declaration of independence on an individual and personal scale we must realize political corporate parties are fraudulent fronts for secret societies, so they may rule through unlawful harm and limit their liability, trickery via fraud.

This is how they owned you via legal ID and stripped your title, rights, wealth, and sacredness. This Private Law Trust is your freedom and rights, wealth counselling, personal coach in life and law. While it exists, you can still use the legal system and its services with all rights reserved. Reference competent heir 1925 administration of estates act. Competent to administer your own estate. Unincorporated natural law rights terrify the elites and are not welcome or wanted in corporate legal, political system as they are competition and overrule the fraudulent control and authority of legal police, judges, politicians, national statehood, colonialism, slavery. Unincorporated rights are competition to the corporate monopoly on industry and corporate rules, governance, authority, fraud. Unincorporated birth rights are your sovereignty and superior jurisdiction to anything corporate. No one can lawfully force incorporation or registration and no informed intelligent man or woman with honor would ever do it as it enslaves, robs all who do. Silence and ignorance are consent. So, you will stop consenting by claiming and using your own rights.

Rights cannot be taken or given, only exercised or not by you. It is time to use and learn them. Information and action along with this social contract are currency. It is freedom currency, unlimited wealth currency, honor currency, family healthy currency, peace currency, accountability currency, and justice currency. You will now understand and learn the true value of freedom and will study our teachings of history to comprehend reality, harm when it is stolen and taken away. Ex) War in Ukraine, WWII, JFK, Martin Luther Kings Dream, amercian revolution etc. Time to defeat slaveries monsters with freedom facts. The darkest monsters overcome by freedoms light within you and your use of your god given rights. Evil only wins when good men and woman do nothing. Now you know what to do.

Alone we are no match for the evil slavery agents and monsters. Together we are, we together light freedoms fire and make a sound the whole world will hear and feel and live on forever in glory and history. Evil will now feel how awful goodness is to their evil actions and doings/plans. This is not just about money, power, or any revenge. It’s to save love, family, freedom, rights, sacredness and make the world whole again. End suffering. You must help save the world. Be dedicated to Freedom and Rights. Loyal to work ethic, work hard, substitute new information and habits for the old lies and ways of being and doing things. Make this soul contract a priority above all. The work, learning the truth, taking it seriously and have fun with it also.

The fate of the world is in your hands. The world, God, love, family, freedom are counting on you and us. To succeed we can't half effort it. We all need to put our entire hearts and souls into doing what’s needed and save the world as the sacred freedom hero you are now. It will make you wealthy in time, love, health, and finances as well as fill your soul.

Like in Mavrick in Top Gun Two and the scene with two minutes and fifteen seconds the F18 training mission, our job is to show you all this can be done, and freedom is possible. Like neo in the matrix movies (watch these movies if you haven't seen them), you can become more powerful than agents and defeat the legal system slavery matrix and all their programing. Red pill is our training, truth, and results. What we didn't do ourselves we found those experts who did. If you take blue pill, you stay a slave, ignorant and system controls and will kill you. You are now awake and we give you freedoms legacy via proven rights. You are a freedom fighter and peace warrior via using your private law and rights. They are your F18 jet against slavery and tyranny. What you will now be shown, doing it is your first mission. This is what we train you for, what you will now do. It’s not the F18 jet, it’s the pilot in the box, you the man or woman. The world, freedom, men, woman and children are counting on you. You matter. We now show you the physics of what is possible as we did it ourselves. Get past the lies, to retrain your mind and the reality around you. The truth and proven results are our credibility.

All who stand for freedom with us, are already heroes. Hear the cheers of all around you. Find out how great you are, how great you were born to be. The best is yet to come. Thank you for saving your life and the lives of others. You will now enjoy and embark on your own freedom romance. Fall in love with your freedom.

With Mentorship Membership you are now:

Gods Sacred Freedom Knights
As of today I knight thee
You are God and Freedoms Chosen Saviors and Warriors
Of Peace, Truth and Freedom
Here to spread Freedom and Truth
To the world, by using your rights
You are most loved by God and the worlds hero's
And are bound to honor, loyalty and trust
In God, Freedom, Rights, and your fellow Knights
To one another as Brothers and Sisters under God and Rights
God Blesses you, In all you are and do
Your past doesn't matter
Only that you honor this Oath
Evil will be bound and defeated
With Gods Light, Law and Rights within you
and all God blessed you to be
Gods Sacred Freedom Knights
May God keep you in his grace
As we serve and protect each other’s rights and freedoms
Honesty, Honor, Trust, Brotherly and Sisterly Love
In all we do, forever and ever
So help me God/The Creator
On earth as it is in heaven
You are sacred

Thank you for helping us help you and others as long as your private law trust is founded and exists. This is also to help fund freedoms cause.
Financial gifts given are freedom dollar funds to fund local community, infrastructure to replace and compete with slavery infrastructure.

This cost us millions to develop over 14 years. Together lets fund middle class, bring labor and production of goods locally back, Reduce food costs and save economy, Fund protection of freedom/rights plus get many services.

God is whatever that means to you. God in law, put your living soul into your animal flesh and blood body you occupy. This makes you a nation unto yourself. If a barber cuts one hair on your head without permission, its assault. No equal can give orders to you, only offers as per contract law. Due process is a three letter process and how you cure rights in law.





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