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The Plan To Free The World
1) Door to door sign up teams, to sign the world up for their own Private Law Individual, Family, Business, Cause, Cultural or Religious Trust.
2) Private Law Trusts set up programs and industry under no harm, competent law rights and governance. Trades, Hospitals, Banks, everything that exists as a business, can be run in private law.
3) Become Majority in Political Legal Ridings and Du Jure Government/Private Law Equivalent.
4) Take Over Industry in all ways with Private Law Trusts operating in that sector and litigate legal corporation competition into bankruptcy.
5) Lawful, Peaceful takeover by becoming majority of courts, police, government.

How To Free The World

A new love expels an old one as love is always growing or diminishing. Take freedom’s love inside you as freedom will awaken soon within you. We now share our expertise in bearing on your finances, we understand the numbers and make you solvent. You are the most valuable part of your estate. How good it will feel to be completely without debt. Your members will wait to give you tribute as you need money as well. This will spare you humiliation of poverty and be your badge of honor. Not an amusement, you will be an emperor/empress. Rise and be recognized. Join us on this day of celebration. You cannot change right from wrong, or wrong from right. Claim the rights that are rightfully yours, be a man/woman of honor. You decide, your power, duty, and honor. Serve freedom, God, Heaven, and earth. We forgive a child afraid of the dark. A tragedy is a man or woman grown, afraid of the light. Let there be no ill will between us who serve freedom. We only speak the truth; godly minds belong together. Thou shalt not covet another’s freedom. Freedom need not be just a dream, freedom is now your reality.

I return from freedoms fight to update you, I rise to inform you. We will not be patronized by those who risk nothing. We love you above all others, what is ours is yours in knowledge, results, and experience. Slavery does not love you, will not leave you and leads you to hardship as slavery does daily. It does not see you as sacred or worthy of your birth rights/wealth/freedom. Devils will test you, god’s rights will save and deliver you from evil.

Freedom is a love you have never known, yet one y you must embrace. Legal system is false, and wicked, pledge to destroy God and rights. They commit securities fraud and commercial rape via forced contractual intercourse. They laugh as they do it. Your trust is your marriage to God and rights and consummation of that marriage. When exercising your new found rights. These are not trifling matters and determine wealth and health of all your future lineage. Take care of your estate and ensure it does not fall into disarray. We will help you ensure it goes well. Collect tribute and value from your members and people. Honor in law is communication to avoid conflict with others equals peace. You have paid a great price for their privilege, the cost was your freedom. Now you will benefit from your rights as will your family lines. Your cause is just and true. The duel between gods law and satanic slavery is in your hands. So, learn and exercise your rights well, strength and humility, may god be with and in you always. Now mount your freedom horse and ride off in victory and honor as the world cheers along with God and your ancestors and future lineage.

This is a sacred union with freedom. You and it and no other. Today and all other days. Freedom claims you as its own and you must claim it right back. You must not, do not let your misplaced loyalty in legal slavery programming blind you. God will spare those who tell the truth, the truth will prevail. I am not afraid. Freedom and honor compel me to speak as a man or woman of honor. Honor fathers, grandfathers and their great grandfathers and mothers. Protect your children, family and all future generations. Without us and freedom you would be lost. Forced to abandon freedom forever. Those who stand for nothing will be fooled and ruled by everything. Stand for freedom with us. Cause for a celebration. Inherit freedoms name.

In the name of God and rights, you will be safe and well attended to, provided for, as God wills it. Men and woman have bled and died for your freedom. For appreciation of our selflessness and nobility within you and us, your estate, gift to you, a sign of your gratitude, our sacrifices and those of history and your ancestors. Drink freedom as you do water daily. Dine at the freedom table with your freedom family. It is an honor to be here with you, in honor of your service to god and freedom, Rise, make preparations for freedom. The pen is your sword, the truth your shield. Be respected by those in the know and confounded by others who are not aware or very programmed.
Master Plan Overview Mind Map Global Empire

Chief Global Sales Manager         Chief Global Member Liason       Chief Global Admin

Regional Manager Sales                 Regional Member Liason              Regional Admin

City Sales Manager                          City Sales Manager                          City Admin

Local Team Leader D2D

Sign Up Door To Door Team
Private Law Trusts
Individual, Family, Business
Cause, Community, Religios

                               Member Recruiters


All trusts are independent contractors, see Independent Contractor Agreement.





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